Investing in Start Ups

We choose amongst best Start ups based on their positioning, their value proposal, and the leadership of their team.

Start Ups should have differentiated features like High tech and a ramp up growth potential.

After assessment, we offer them to our network of premium investors. They normally trust on our good criteria.

For Entrepreneurs

We offer our knowhow so that entrepreneur is able to understand if the project has reached the right timing to have access to an Investors Round in the Company, a round to finance growth. In particular, we help the entrepreneur to identify:

whether the value proposal is good and differentiated, and
whether the project has actually real chances of growth and if it’s financially feasible

We advise on how to address the round, we display the project to investors, and we interact in the negotiation until funds are disbursed.

For Investors  

We choose only the very best investment options for Investors. Investors of our network perceive we focus on projects that comply with:

their preferred type of industry, and
their investment criteria (amount, investment with other investors or not, leadership as shareholder or follower, active presence in the Board or not, etc.).
Finally, we guarantee that we only offer for investment those projects that have been thoroughly checked by us and really are worth for their assessment because

   - they are scalable and ready to compete internationally
   - they are led by a very capable team , and finally
   - because their Time-to-market includes a plan to become Global.


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